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How to Become a Partner

CNYCC partner organizations play a vital role in transforming the delivery of healthcare for the Central New York region. CNYCC includes over 2,000 healthcare and community-based providers that serves the population by improving the coordination of critical services, enhancing the quality of health related outcomes, and creating an overall better system of care for patients across the region. As a CNYCC partner organization, you will have the opportunity to join a network of providers who are WORKING TOGETHER FOR BETTER HEALTH!

CNYCC will provide an opportunity for interested partner organizations to join the network at different times throughout the year.

Organizations that are interested in becoming network partners must complete CNYCC’s contracting process. The contracting process includes:

  1. Complete and submit CNYCC’s Partner Organization Agreement - The Standard Partner Organization Agreement includes all the basic components of contracting with CNYCC. Partner organization can review the Summary of Partner Agreement for more details, prior to completion and submission of the Partner Organization Agreement.

                  Click here to download CNYCC’s Partner Organization Agreement

  1. Complete and submit CNYCC’s Business Associate Agreement (BAA) - The BAA is required to cover the exchange of data and information between partner organizations and CNYCC.

                  Click here to download CNYCC’s Business Associate Agreement

  1. Complete and submit Data Validation Request – Partner organizations that complete the Partner Organization & Business Associate Agreements will be requested to submit detailed information through a Data Validation process. The Data Validation submission will include collection of information such as partner site locations, provider information, staff contact etc. CNYCC will provide each partner organization with a Data Validation template and instructions on completion and submission.
  1. Project Agreement Selection - Partner organizations will have the opportunity to select the various CNYCC project participation opportunities and related activities. As part of the project selection process, partner organizations will be provided a preview period to confirm their participation related to project activities based on the types of services they provide. The preview period will also provide detailed information for the development of CNYCC’s Project Agreement for participation in CNYCC programming.

If you are interested in becoming a CNYCC partner organization, please contact [email protected] or call (315) 703.2960 for more information.

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