A Message to Medicaid Beneficiaries, Advocates and Others:

Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) is the lead organization of a Performing Provider System (PPS) under New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program. DSRIP focuses on health care system transformation, where providers work to improve and coordinate community based, primary care, mental health and preventive care services. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the DSRIP program or the CNYCC PPS, please contact CNYCC’s compliance officer at 315-703-2967, or via email at [email protected].

If you prefer, you may report a compliance issue to CNYCC via its compliance hotline or compliance webpage, found at the bottom of this page. Reports may be made anonymously. Please note, no one will retaliate against any person who makes a report in good faith.

Thank You, 

Elizabeth Hooper 
Interim Corporate Compliance Officer | Central New York Care Collaborative

CNYCC Compliance Plan & Code of Conduct

Interested in learning more about CNY Care Collaborative and our Compliance Program? To begin, please review the Code of Conduct for CNYCC and Partner Organizations and a Cover Letter from Scott Perra (former Chairman of the CNYCC Board of Directors). 

The CNYCC Board of Directors adopted the Code of Conduct as an ethical framework for our activities as a Performing Provider System. It applies to CNYCC, our Partners (and their staff) and contractors for all PPS activities and projects.
Next, review the CNYCC Compliance Plan. The Plan lays out the major elements, structure, and procedures for our Compliance Program. Both the Code of Conduct and the Compliance Plan stress the importance of open communication about compliance issues and concerns, and an avenue for providing confidential reports. CNYCC has established a compliance hotline for this purpose. The Hotline provides a mechanism for all participants in the CNYCC network to report compliance concerns or issues that arise in PPS projects, activities, or operations in a confidential and anonymous or non-anonymous manner.  The Hotline is also available to Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients cared for in the CNYCC Network to report concerns about compliance or the care they receive arising from PPS projects and activities.

CNYCC's updated (April 2018) whistleblower protection policy can be found here

To Report A Compliance Issue

The system we are using for the Hotline, operated by EthicsPoint (a NAVEX Global company) assures that reports can be made on a confidential basis. The hotline number is 1-855-343-5598. You can also submit an online report via this website.

CNYCC is committed to following up on all reports we receive. We are also fully committed to an environment that encourages reporting without any fear of intimidation or retaliation. Together with our Partners, we hope to learn from any reports made and improve our efforts as a result.

For CNYCC Partner Organizations 
Please provide a copy of the Code of Conduct, Compliance Plan, and the Hotline number to members of your governing body, to your compliance officer, and to all members of your staff and contractors who are engaged in CNYCC projects or activities -- or will be participating soon as we continue to develop and roll out our project plans.

Further instructions about disseminating the Hotline number and about our future activities to build and maintain a robust compliance program for CNYCC will be added as available.

Additional Documents:

CNYCC Deficit Reduction Act Compliance Statement

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