Phase IV Data Validation

[posted 6/3/18]

CNY Care Collaborative is facilitating our annual mandatory data validation activity to collect & confirm partner information in advance of the upcoming Phase IV funding. The information collected through this data validation process will be used in the calculation of your organization's total eligible Phase IV funding award. Please note that completion of the data validation activity is required in order for your organization to be eligible to participate during the Phase IV funding period.

This year's data validation process includes completion of four (4) unique on-line form submissions (outlined below). Partner organizations must complete ALL four (4) online forms in order to complete this required activity. Below you will find links to each of the online forms and instructions for completion of the required information:

Please Note: Forms are best viewed using a desktop or laptop computer, not from a tablet, iPad, or mobile device.

  1. Confirm or edit Organization Contact Types:
  2. Inform CNYCC on your Medicaid VBP Status:
  3. Confirm services types at the organizational level:
  4. Confirm and if necessary, add or delete employed providers:

For instructions on how to complete each form, please review this PDF

CNY Care Collaborative will be sending participating partner organizations a custom e-mail communication to access the data validation form. The custom e-mail will include your organizations custom code (you will need this code in order to complete the validation forms). The custom e-mail will be sent to your organizations designated CEO/President/Executive Director and DSRIP Coordinator  

The first three online forms, Medicaid VBP Status, Organization Contact Type and Organization Service should take under a hour to complete, while the time required to complete the employed providers form will depend on the number of providers in your organizations. All on-line form submissions must be completed by no later than June 14, 2019. If you have any questions related to completion of this activity, please email [email protected].

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