Innovation Fund 2019

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The CNY Care Collaborative Innovation Fund was established to fund demonstration projects across the CNY region outside of CNY Care Collaborative's DSRIP Projects & Performance Activities:  

  • To address social & behavioral determinants of health and community health needs 
  • Improve the system of care for patients with Medicaid & who are uninsured 

In 2018 (view a recap of 2018, here), the CNY Care Collaborative Innovation Fund awarded 13 healthcare related projects more than $4.8 Million

For 2019, $8.2M has been allocated.

And now, there’s no maximum award & no limit on the number of proposals eligible organizations may submit

Awards fund 12 months of demonstration project implementation.


> Fund demonstration projects across the CNYCC region that foster cross-sector collaboration between the physical/behavioral health care sector and CBOs and non-traditional partnerships such as the corrections/judicial and school systems.

> Address CNY Care Collaborative Population Health Management Roadmap Goals and Objectives

> Decrease unnecessary hospital utilization by Medicaid/uninsured patients

> Increase primary & preventive service utilization by Medicaid/uninsured patients

> Transform the health care safety-net through the transition to value-based payment

> Keep State Medicaid spending below the Global Spending Cap 

> Promote collaboration and practices that align with our Performance & Outcome Measures 


CNY Care Collaborative encourages partners to submit collaborative proposals

Lead applicants must be safety-net designated CNY Care Collaborative partner organizations with executed Phase III Project Agreements and should be in good standing during Phase II (may factor in selection). Click here to view a list of safety-net partners in good standing

Non-partner organizations are eligible to participate as co-applicants in partnership with an eligible safety-net lead applicants. 


 Innovation Fund Announcement November 6, 2018
 Required Letters of Intent (LOIs) Due to CNY Care Collaborative January 15, 2019 / 5pm EST
 Request for Additional Information February 15, 2019
 Approved LOIs Notified, Rubric Provided March 5, 2019
 Completed Proposals Due April 5, 2019
 CNY Care Collaborative Announces Award Recipients June 18, 2019
 Contract Term September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020

Letter of Intent Requirements

Letters of Intent are due by 5pm on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 via email to 

Letters of Intent (LOI) should:

  • Name any committed or planned co-applicants 
  • Approximate the total amount of Innovation Funding that will be requested in $250,000 increments (e.g., $250K, $500K, $750K, $1M, etc.)
  • Identify the Innovation Fund priorities the proposal will address
  • Describe the proposed demonstration project, including estimates of the number of patients/clients that will be served
  • Interested organizations MUST submit a Letter of Intent by the deadline in order to be considered for an invitation to submit a Full Proposal
  • LOIs and Full Proposals will be scored by a third-party independent reviewer & ultimately selected by CNY Care Collaborative
  • LOIs must be submitted by the designated safety-net lead applicant on agency letterhead 
  • LOIs may not exceed (2) single-spaced pages at 12 point font and the  LOI cover sheet 


An independent 3rd Party Evaluator will score each proposal using the following categories:

-Compelling Need -Collaboration 
-Project Description  -Performance and Outcome Measures
-Innovation -Social Determinants and Health Disparities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

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