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The CNY Care Collaborative Innovation Fund was established to fund demonstration projects across the CNY region outside of CNY Care Collaborative's DSRIP Projects & Performance Activities.  This year, the Board of Directors has approved a Phase IV Innovation and Integrated Delivery System (IDS) Improvement Fund.  The goal of the joint Innovation/IDS Improvement Fund is to:

  • Address social & behavioral determinants of health and community health needs 
  • Improve the system of care for patients with Medicaid & who are uninsured 
  • Address identified areas that still serve as a gap to the PPS.

Previous Innovation Fund Cycles:

2018:  (view a recap of 2018, here), 13 projects were awarded for more than $4.8 Million.

2019: (view recap of 2019, here), 15 projects were awarded for more than $8.4 Million.

Integrated Delivery System Improvement Fund

CNYCC recognizes and understands that there is still work that needs to be done within our community.  Due to this, we have expanded the Innovation Fund to include Integrated Delivery System (IDS) Improvement projects.   

These Integrated Delivery System (IDS) Improvement projects may not be considered 'innovative', yet serve to fill a gap or need that still exists within the community. Gaps include both services and target populations that have not been funded via the DSRIP program.

What are the key differences between the two project types?

  • Innovation Projects- must be innovative, might not have data.
  • IDS Improvement Projects- must have data, might not be innovative.


The purpose of the Innovation/IDS Improvement Fund is to:

> Fund projects that foster cross-sector collaboration and practices that align with DSRIP and VBP outcome measures. 

> Expand and build on the promising practices contained within the United Health Fund DSRIP Promising Practices document.  

> Fund projects that address priority areas that still serve as a gap to the PPS.

> Address social determinants of health by Medicaid/uninsured patients

> Transform the health care safety-net through the transition to value-based payment

> Fund innovative/pilot projects that provide a way to improve the health of the community (physical health, behavioral health, and/or social determinants of health).

Priority Areas

CNY Care Collaborative will give priority scoring to proposals that include the target populations and/or priority areas.  These priority areas can be addressed either via an Innovation or IDS improvement proposal. 

For the full list of identified priority areas that still serve as a gap to the PPS, click here: Priority Areas.

Partner organizations may provide proposals that fall outside these categories, however will not receive priority scoring.


CNY Care Collaborative encourages partners to submit collaborative proposals

Lead applicants must be safety-net designated CNY Care Collaborative partner organizations with executed Phase IV Project Agreements.  Non-safety net organizations must apply through a safety-net designated organization. 

Non-partner organizations are eligible to participate as co-applicants in partnership with an eligible safety-net lead applicants. 


 Innovation Fund Announcement November 4th, 2019
 Scoring Rubric Announcement December 6th, 2019
 Proposal Criteria and Limits Announcement December 6th, 2019
 Kickoff Webinar December 6th, 2019
 Informational Webinar January 3rd, 2020
 Grant Writing Training 10am-Noon January 14th, 2020
 Questions Deadline 5pm February 5th, 2020
 Completed Proposals Due 12pm/Noon February 14th, 2020
 CNY Care Collaborative Announces Award Recipients March 31st, 2020
 Award/Project Contracting April 2020
 Contract Term May 1st, 2020-April 30th, 2021

Proposal Documents

RFP Guidelines & Requirements

RFP Budget Template

RFP Cover Sheet


County LGU Required Engagement Documents

CNY Director's Planning Group (CNY DPG) & Lewis County LGU

Behavioral Health Focused Projects

CNY DPG Engagement Process Updated 12.13.19

Lewis County LGU Engagement Process

Local Services Plan Documents

Local Health Departments 

Physical Health Focused Projects

CHA/CHIP Documents:



CNY Care Collaborative's Board of Directors approved the scoring rubric for the 2020 Innovation/IDS Fund

CNY Care Collaborative would like to ensure that all interested partner organizations are aware of the scoring rubric categories and point allocations. 

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Frequently Asked Questions Updated 2.06.2020

Informational Webinar:

CNYCC conducted a deep dive informational webinar on proposal requirements during the January 3rd Friday webinar.  To listen to the recording, please click here:


Kickoff Webinar: held December 6th, 2019. To listen to a recording please click here:  

Slides can be found here: Kickoff Webinar Slide Deck 12.6.19

Helpful Resources

Grant Writing Session/Training: CNYCC hosted a two-hour grant writing session on Tuesday, January 14th at CNYCC. Organizations received tips and strategies for the required components of the proposal and rubric requirements.


Data Requests:  To assist your organization’s proposal for the 2020 Innovation/IDS Improvement Fund, CNYCC is offering the opportunity to request data that may provide insight into the populations that you wish to serve. Data elements available include demographic information, attribution and clinical data.

To request data, please complete the Data Request Form and submit to [email protected].  Please allow for a three (3) week turnaround time frame on data requests.

Questions: Please contact Michele Jacobson: [email protected] and CC: [email protected] 


Social Determinants of Health Intervention Menu: Aligns Social Determinant with VBP Funded Intervention Option, Health Outcome, Evidence of Outcome, and Population Health Objective.