A Message from the Executive Director

As we launch in to DSRIP Year 2, I felt it was important to provide partners with an update on the DSRIP implementation program here in Central New York. The foundation of our collective strength as a PPS is rooted in the considerable experience, knowledge, and expertise of our partner network. As we embark on unchartered territory to improve the health of our community by coordinating services and building solid partnerships throughout the healthcare system, it’s encouraging to see such a diverse group of organizations coming together for one common goal.  Together, we are off to a good start in transforming the healthcare delivery system in Central New York. I would like to personally thank each of you for your remarkable efforts to help implement the DSRIP Program here in Central New York.

As we enter in to an important year in the DSRIP program, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on some of the incredible accomplishments of our PPS in DSRIP Year 1 (DY-1). We have made tremendous strides in establishing a framework to support our partner network as we begin project implementation.

PPS Lead Agency

During DY-1, several steps were completed in firmly establishing the PPS lead agency, the Central New York care Collaborative (CNYCC). Over the past year, CNYCC launched as a new corporation (CNYCC Inc.); transitioned to a corporate headquarters (109 Otisco Street Syracuse, NY); developed the infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the PPS; and developed a comprehensive governance structure to set strategic direction, establish organizational policies, and provide oversight to PPS activities.

CNYCC Partner Organization Development

Building relationships is a vital piece of the CNYCC mission. With over 170+ organizations in our network, connecting partners to support DSRIP goals and objectives will be a key measure of success for our PPS.  Our vast partner network includes a diverse group of over 1400 healthcare and community based providers throughout the region.

A major piece of partner relations, during DY-1 was the completion of the CNYCC contracting process. Contract development was an important step in defining partner participation in the PPS. I’m happy to report that to-date, over 120 partner organizations initiated contracts with CNYCC and committed to participating in project activities. Our intent is to continue to work with partner organizations to facilitate contract execution and ensure robust partner participation across each project.

The foundation of our collective strength as a PPS is rooted in the considerable experience, knowledge, and expertise of our partner network

Funds Flow

In DY-1, CNYCC introduced a funds distribution model for DSRIP related activities. DY-1 Funds Flow policies were approved by the Board of Directors in November and outlined steps for how partners would receive payments from the CNYCC. In February, CNYCC initiated the “Accelerated Payment” program allowing partner organizations to receive lump-sum payment(s) for planning activities related to project selection. To date, as part of the “Accelerated Payment” program, CNYCC distributed over $3.5 Million to partner organizations.

Many of you may also recall that a significant portion of the DY-1 payment from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to our PPS was delayed by several months. During this delay, CNYCC worked tirelessly with NYSDOH to address the payment schedule and secure funding for partner payments.  I am pleased to report that CNYCC has now started to receive the delayed DY-1 payments, and CNYCC will continue to work with NYSDOH to ensure timely disbursement of funds for future payment cycles.

Outreach Activities

RPAC Meeting in Oneida CountyWe are committed to supporting the efforts of your organization through sharing information and making resources available to our partner network. In DY-1, a comprehensive outreach and engagement strategy was developed to foster effective and productive communications with partner organizations, and raise general awareness of the PPS and DSRIP related activities. A few major highlights of the outreach campaign include: launch of “new look” CNYCC website; weekly newsletter with updates on DSRIP related activities; and the CNYCC webinar series with presentations on a wide-range of program related topics. 

In addition to the outreach activities outlined above, DY-1 saw the introduction of the Regional Project Advisory Committee (RPAC) meetings. RPAC meetings are conducted quarterly in each of the CNYCC six-counties and offer a forum for partner organizations to engage and provide feedback on DSRIP related activities including implementation of CNYCC projects.

PHM System Selection

One of the most exciting activities of DY-1 has been our efforts to develop a Population Health Management (PHM) System. A comprehensive PHM system solution will provide a single-point platform that will collect/manage data from multiple sources (EMR, Medicaid Claims data etc.) and integrate information for improved care coordination throughout our PPS. Over the course of the DY-1, CNYCC has taken several steps to facilitate the development of the PHM System:

  • CNYCC has been working closely with The Chartis Group, a healthcare consulting firm to support collective efforts in vendor selection and evaluation.
  • CNYCC developed a process for direct partner input (based on direction from the IT/Data Governance Committee) with the development of a PHM Steering Committee and a multi-disciplinary PHM System Selection Committee. The Steering Committee provided vision, direction and goals for the IT planning process, while the Selection Committee provided input to system requirements (RFP), selection criteria, demonstration scenarios, and ranking/evaluation of system vendors. The Selection Committee finalized recommendation options to the PHM Steering Committee.
  • A Benefits Driven Approach was established to achieve strategic outcomes for PHM System implementation.
  • An extensive interview process was completed with a wide-range of participants across the partner network to garner feedback on PHM System implementation. Over 75 interviews were conducted with partner representatives during the process.

PHM System Impact on Value Based Payment

The PHM System is a critical tool needed for our collective success, and will play a key role in advancing our strategic goals as a PPS moving forward. A comprehensive PHM platform will provide a system of information to enable the PPS to meet DSRIP related requirements, including our transition from a fee-for-service environment to value based payment. The PHM system will also support partners as we address the overall health needs of our community.


Our PPS has come a long way over the last year, and as we move in to DY-2 our PPS is positioned to take the next step transforming healthcare for our community. Implementation of a PHM platform, a focus on performance and overall project implementation will be principal to our success as a PPS this year.

Your commitment to these efforts have already been greatly demonstrated and I’m confident, with your support that we’re on the path to success!

These are exciting times and the work we’re doing as a Collaborative will shape the future of healthcare for our region. Thank you for hard work and dedication!

Thank you for hard work and dedication!



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