Community Spotlight: Liberty Resources

As one of Central New York’s most diverse and trusted human service agencies, Liberty Resources is well established as a leader in providing services in the areas of Behavioral Health. Services include: mental health treatment; substance use disorder (SUD); services to individuals with Intellectual Disability; as well as community based children and youth services.

“We are a complex organization in every sense of the word,” says Liberty Resources, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Carl M. Coyle, MSW. “Over the years, we have expanded services across the CNY region, in addition to providing services from NYC to Buffalo and Texas. It’s truly been a remarkable journey, and one that continues to evolve.”

Liberty Resources provides services to approximately 15,000 individuals and families across the CNY region annually. With respect to PPS services, Liberty is very active in multiple projects within the CNY PPS related to DSRIP goals. Liberty emphasizes a comprehensive approach to care delivery that connects physical, mental and social determinants of health.  “Our stated mission is to help people improve quality of life through individualized and progressive community-based services, and when you look at our reach locally, we’re accomplishing that goal in a very unique way,” says Coyle. “For example, we recently implemented a Primary Care Diagnostic and Treatment Center through DOH and have physically embedded that Clinic within our Brownell Mental Health Clinic.”

Care coordination is a key component in how Liberty Resources interacts with patients and families. “When I see a patient in our Behavioral Health Clinic, I can simply go down the hall and visit with some of my colleagues who may also see the same patient for Primary Care. Sometimes all it takes is a five minute conversation to make sure we’re delivering care in a way that looks at the patient’s full health picture,” says Liberty Resources VP of Brownell Clinic Services Robert Feldman. “Being able to work together to develop a comprehensive plan of care ensures the best possible outcome for our patients.”

The model of care coordination at Liberty mirrors the overall goals of the DSRIP program. “I think there is tremendous opportunity through the DSRIP program to build robust relationships with many healthcare providers that ultimately better serve the patients we hope to reach. That climate of collaboration is what we’re all about, and to see it happen on a large scale is exciting for us and brings great hope for the future,” says Coyle.



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