Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Screener Training Brings Eighty to CNYCC

Recently, over 80 individuals – from across the six county Collaborative region – came to the Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) headquarters on Syracuse’s Near Westside for Patient Activation Measure (PAM®) “Screener Training” sessions.

PAM is an evidence based tool CNYCC is utilizing within the Patient Activation (2di) Project to determine the level of activation for uninsured and low/non-utilizing Medicaid population throughout the region 

During these sessions, attendees representing a cross section of medical and community benefit organizations (CBO) (e.g., nurses, social workers, community health advocates, etc.) learned how to administer PAM screenings, understand the four levels of activation, and became familiar with the CNYCC Patient Activation process and reporting requirements. Attendees also developed coaching techniques to engage with patients.

Training was led by Julie Nieman and Steve Garrigan from Insignia Health, as well as Kelsie Montaque and Lauren Wetterhahn from CNYCC.

If you missed this PAM “Screener Training” session, there will be opportunities to attend future sessions. For more information, the designated DSRIP Coordinators should contact Project Manager Kelsie Montaque (315-703-2977).




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