What Does This Mean for DSRIP? A Message From Our Executive Director

To Our Valued Partners: 

With this week’s election, we have received several questions related to any potential legislative changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the overall impact on the DSRIP program. The DSRIP program is part of a waiver amendment agreement with the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), and is administered through the State of New York. Funding for the DSRIP program has been secured until March of 2020 and the transition to a Value-Based Payment healthcare delivery model will remain a top priority for the NY State DOH.

Yesterday, PPS Lead agencies received the following update from Jason Helgerson, Medicaid Director, NY State DOH in response to the election:

With the election results, many have raised questions regarding implications for DSRIP.  We wanted to share the following points to help clarify some concerns.
  • DSRIP is not part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and would not be affected by legislative attempts related to the ACA.
  • DSRIP is part of a waiver amendment agreement with CMS, authorized through March 2020 and run by the state government
  • Health care system reform and Value Based Payment efforts will continue as these are industry drivers for improved quality and sustainability. Medicare has adopted VBP as part of their program policy and commercial payers are pursuing similar arrangements.
The tremendous efforts by the State and the PPSs to transform the system under DSRIP will continue. Please keep focused on the DSRIP goals and projects, and maintain the collaborative and positive work you and your staff have accomplished so far. Proceed with Fact-based Optimism.

Jason Helgerson
Medicaid Director

As we move forward with DSRIP programming, CNYCC has made the strategic future of the PPS a top priority. We will strive to add values to our partners and serve to facilitate meaningful connections across our partner network. Additionally, we will continue our work to assist partners in a successful transition to Value-Based Payment.  

CNYCC recognizes that the potential changing landscape of the healthcare system will certainly have an impact on our partner organizations beyond DSRIP. To that end, CNYCC is committed to working closely with our Board of Directors and partner organizations to support your efforts to provide quality healthcare to the communities we serve. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Virginia Opipare
Executive Director, Central New York Care Collaborative

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