Team Spotlight

CNY Cares Team Spotlight

Since the beginning, the CNY Cares team has been dedicated to supporting our partners. This page will feature the great work our team members have accomplished during their time at CNY Cares.

 Siti Mack  Dr. Joseph Maldonado  Kelsie Montaque  Brian Moran

Siti Mack joined CNY Cares as the Manager of Workforce & Cultural Competency/Health Literacy in August of 2017. Siti’s background as a certified project management professional (PMP), her degree in Master of Health Administration (MHA) along with her experience working in healthcare systems as a liaison between DOH and OMH made her a great asset in her role at CNY Cares. During her tenure at CNY Cares, Siti developed and implemented workforce strategy plans and managed workforce training programs including peer support training, VBP trainings. She oversaw training program development, coordination and deployment including HWapps LMS. She also developed and managed proposal processes from training providers, including content evaluation, schedule management, contract review and negotiation.

With her expertise in project management and strategic planning, Siti helped to maintain detailed records and documentation as mandated for quarterly state reporting and annual audits. These included workforce reporting (staff impact and workforce spending), and compensation & benefits survey. Siti’s efforts lead to CNY Cares having the highest participation rate for DY5, with 122 organizations reporting representing over 55,000 full and part time employees among the 6 PPS administered by IHA.

During her time, Siti was able to work with many partner organizations, who had positive things to say about her dedication to her role. Rich Hughes from Circare shared, "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Siti.  She is always cheerful, positive, and willing to go the extra mile whenever I've had a question or needed her assistance."

Siti worked on the Health Literacy Master Trainer Program, a “champion model” and skill-based training with the goal of creating a pool of local trainers capable of making sustainable changes at their respective organizations. This project resulted in 23 Master Trainers who were then asked to complete 12 hours of health literacy training within their organizations. To date, over 800 individuals including both clinical and professional staff were trained.

Another project that she lead was the Physician Recruitment Program, a recruitment subsidy program that assisted with the recruitment of primary care providers. She collaborated with The Medicus Firm, an organization that specializes in national recruitment of physicians and advance practice positions. To date, The Medicus Firm has placed 13 providers under the subsidy program.

“I am pleased to write about my experience working with Siti Mack, said Will Liberman from the Medicus Firm.  “Siti is always professional with consistent communication to answer all my questions at any given time.  She has proven to be exceptional at quick responses, providing all necessary information and documentation, and going an extra mile to find a solution.  It is an absolute pleasure working with Siti.”

The project that left the most impact on Siti the Care Coordination Certificate Program, an enhanced training program funded by CNY Cares and developed by Falk College’s School of Social Work in partnership with CNY RPC, and other state and local stakeholders. The program had a total of 29 frontline workers and 10 supervisors across 6 partner organizations participate. While the final report and evaluation of the program is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2020, the results and work will continue to have a positive influence on the community.

Dr. Joseph Maldonado joined the CNY Cares team in November 2017 as the Chief Medical Officer. He is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and holds three graduate degrees from University of Oxford, an MBA, diploma in evidence based healthcare and MSc in major program management. Dr. Maldonado completed his Urology Residency at the Einstein, Montefiore and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Fellowship in Urological Oncology at Dalhousie University in Saint Johns, New Brunswick, Canada. Dr. Maldonado’s extensive healthcare and leadership experience include his roles as the Past President of the Medical Society of the State of New York as well as New York State Urological Society, former Director/Trustee of the Medical Society of the State of New York and Healtheconnections, a Delegate to the American Medical Association, served on three NYSDOH MRT Workgroups and over 20 years in clinical practice in the Mohawk Valley and North Country. 

During his tenure at CNY Cares, Dr. Maldonado oversaw the development, revision, implementation and monitoring of clinical standards of care for 11 CNYCC DSRIP Projects. He worked diligently on the strategy, implementation and monitoring to ensure Partners met both DSRIP and CNYCC clinical goals.

Thanks to Dr. Maldonado’s ability to bring together parties with divergent perspectives, he advanced CNY Cares’ efforts in primary care recruitment, correcting health disparities and addressing cultural disparities. Developed the Primary Care Plan Revision and Strategy from Mid-point through end of the program. Engaged both hospital and community physicians and clinicians in CNYCC Clinical Governance

Garnering support from many sectors of the healthcare industry, Dr. Maldonado actively engaged with both hospital and community physicians and clinicians to spearhead the CNY Cares Clinical Governance.

The most important projects that Dr. Maldonado worked on included the effort to address health disparities in Central New York and his development of COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for patients at high risk for complications related to COVID-19.  Both projects gave Dr. Maldonado the clinical satisfaction of being able to help those who are often most overlooked and who often have no voice of their own to get themselves the help they need to improve their health.

“Dr. Maldonado is truly dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of our community. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Maldonado leapt into action, collaborating with the CNY Cares team and Public Health Experts to develop invaluable resources to support the growing needs of our Partners. His medical expertise and strategic leadership during the time of crisis fostered impactful mitigation strategies throughout the local healthcare system.” Cathy Homkey, Interim Executive Director, CNY Cares


Kelsie Montaque joined the CNY Cares team in 2015 as Project Manager, bringing over 15 years of experience in Program Management and Planning administration to the organization. She graduated from SUNY College at Brockport in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work and went on to complete her Masters in Social Work from Syracuse in 2005. Her dedication to community organizations and improving service provisions for the community’s most vulnerable populations, along with her expertise in organizational development and strategic planning set her up for success with the numerous projects she spearheaded during her tenure at CNY Cares.

Kelsie began her work at CNY Cares focusing on the Reducing  Premature Births and Patient Activation projects. She oversaw the development and implementation of  4 new CenteringPregnancy® Model for Prenatal Care sites in Central New York. She oversaw the development and implementation of Clinical Standards Protocols for Depression/Anxiety, Stress Management, Tobacco Use, Substance Abuse and Alcohol Use, and Oral Health with the birthing hospitals and outpatient obstetrical practices to reduce preterm birth rates. Kelsie also supervised the funding for expansion and/or preservation of Community Health Worker/Home Visiting Programs. She also developed and managed of the Patient Activation project, which was designed to identify an individual's level of activation (i.e. the degree to which they can manage their own health) and improve their activation levels through coaching and care coordination. She led the efforts to implement the project across 26 organizations and trained over 400 PAM Coaches in Patient Activation Measure® (PAM) and Coaching for Activation ® (CFA).  These projects have been the most meaningful to Kelsie, as they have created an infrastructure that will have an impact for years to come.

As the subject matter lead in the development of strategic engagement initiatives for community-based organizations, Kelsie worked collaboratively with CBOs and their Hub Leads to serve as a direct resource for VBP Planning and all DSRIP activities and initiatives. She developed a platform to facilitate network building, information sharing, and cross-system collaborations. Kelsie lead the development of the widely successful Learning Collaborative structure, where she established a forum to share best practices and form cross systems collaborations to improve performance outcomes. Her passion for addressing major social determinants of health and improving outcomes for our most vulnerable population will have lasting results in the community. Her work has helped to provide essential resources for community-based organizations (CBOs), providing an even larger community impact. 

“Kelsie has been one of the big reasons we were able to pull off our big success!  I genuinely appreciate her hard work, dedication, and passion.  Wherever Kelsie lands, they will be lucky to have her!” Beth Spier, Cathy Berry MD and Associates

Kelsie’s devotion to the community shows through her hard work. In every issue that she has tackled at CNY Cares, there is always the underlying factors that point to social determinants of health.  These social determinants of health are mainly being addressed through the intervention of our community- based organizations that she worked closely with.  She has done outstanding work highlighting the value of CBO’s and their impact on healthcare.


Brian Moran joined the CNY Cares team in 2018 as Support Lead, bringing over a decade of professional educational training, and 6 years of IT support experience to the team. During his tenure at CNY Cares, Brian worked in the IT department and contributed his expertise to numerous projects and was the System Admin and Access Control for population health management tools

Brian developed and maintained CNY Cares’ Population Health Management Help Desk and facilitated helpdesk workflows utilizing integrations with key business software including Zendesk and Salesforce. Along with helping the organization save time and effort through building automated processes, Brian also developed a streamlined ticketing process to more effectively resolve issues submitted through the help desk system. Brian played a key role in the IT department providing Tier I and Tier II IT support for CNY Cares team members and triaged data requests and helped to answer questions and resolve IT issues for partner organizations.

“Brian is always quick to respond and resolve technical issues internally and externally for partners having difficulty with various platforms,” said Siti Mack, Workforce & Cultural Competency/Health Literacy Manager at CNY Cares.

Brian performed clinical data validation on custom and HEDIS measures to support DSRIP program. The most meaningful project that Brian worked on was for the funds flow process because it gave him the opportunity to see the evidence of the impact that CNY Care’s partner organizations have on the community.

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