Healthcare Options and Connectivity


CNY Care Collaborative launched the “Healthcare Options and Connectivity” course via a webinar with ACR Health on March 14, 2018. This webinar was presented by Steve Wood, Director of Insurance Programs.

Course Description:

This course will provide an overview on healthcare options for New York State residents, the processes for connecting individuals to available health care options and identification of health care options within the PPS area.

Course Objectives:

  1. Provide a broad overview of available Healthcare Options in NYS
  2. Educate individuals on how to connect patients/clients to Healthcare Options
  3. Educate on Healthcare Resources in our PPS regions

CNY Care Collaborative Performance Activity or Milestone:

The creation of the “Healthcare Connectivity” training will satisfy the requirements for Milestone #11 of the Patient Activation Project (2di) (“Contract or partner with CBOs to develop a group of community navigators (aka PAM Coaches) who are trained in connectivity to healthcare coverage, community healthcare resources (including for primary and preventive services) and patient education”) and Milestone #15 of the Patient Activation Project (2di) (“Inform and educate navigators about insurance options and healthcare resources available to UI, NU, and LU populations”).

Partner Organizations not assigned this milestone are invited to utilize the course as a resource, if desired.

CNY Care Collaborative “Healthcare Options and Connectivity” Course

CNY Care Collaborative partner organization employees will have access to CNY Care Collaborative's Healthcare Options and Connectivity course via HWapps, CNY Care Collaborative's online Learning Management System licensed from Health Workforce New York (HWNY). Please note: HWapps sign-in is required. The training starts approximately 5-minutes after the video begins. 

Below you will find instructions on how partner organizations and their employees can access the Healthcare Options and Connectivity course through HWapps:

  • Partner organizations will be asked to identify a Partner Administrator that will manage the training process for their employees, unless previously identified.
  • The Partner Administrator will be provided access to the HWapps Partner Administrator portal and may distribute the training to individual staff members (via the link below).
  • Once staff members click the link to access the course, they will be asked to sign in (if they have registered for a previous CNYCC course) or register as a new user. After signing in, participants can select Healthcare Options and Connectivity to begin the course.
  • Staff members will then be required to view the entire interactive video presentation.
  • Partner Administrators will have the ability to view and monitor the course completion status for their organizations’ employees through the HWapps Partner Administrator portal.

Please click the following link to access the training:

Additional Completion Opportunities for Healthcare Options and Connectivity Course Requirements

If your organization has limitations that will prevent employees from accessing embedded videos with audio, please contact CNY Care Collaborative at CNY Care Collaborative will provide your organization with the slide deck.

For questions related to access for CNY Care Collaborative's Healthcare Options and Connectivity Course, please contact CNY Care Collaborative at