Person-Centered Self-Management

The self-management approach emphasizes the person’s central role in managing their own health. In, person-centered care, individuals actively participate in their own care with close collaboration from healthcare providers. Both approaches can be utilized anywhere along the healthcare continuum. Both approaches empower individuals with chronic conditions the knowledge, skills and resources to help them better manage their own health. At the core of both approaches is the partnership between individuals and their healthcare providers.

CNY Care Collaborative's Person-Centered Self-Management Course Overview

Course Description:

This course seeks to help organizations differentiate between goal setting and person-centered goal setting. Participants will also learn the importance of documentation person-centered self-management goals and understand how to facilitate engagement to achieve better health outcomes for the individual.

Course Objectives:

At the end of CNYCC’s Person-Centered Self-Management course training, participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand the difference between goal setting and person-centered goal
  2. Understand the importance of documenting person-centered
  3. Understand the tools available to facilitate individual/personal
  4. Understand how individual/personal goals fit into care
  5. Understand the effects on health outcomes of individual/personal engagement, person-centered goals and self-management

CNYCC Performance Activity

This Person-Centered Self-Management course is associated with Performance Activity PA_059 due 3/31/2018: “PA_059: Demonstrate that at least 75% of indicated staff have been trained in person-centered self-management goal setting, documentation and review either through a CNYCC hosted training or other training meeting minimum CNYCC requirements.”

Partner Organizations assigned PA_059 can demonstrate completion of the PA and be eligible to receive payment) in either of two ways:

At least 75% of the partner organizations’ indicated staff must complete CNYCC’s “Person-Centered Self-Management” course


The partner organization may submit a roster of trained staff using CNYCC roster template showing that the organization has an existing person-centered self-management training that meets the same learning objectives that has been delivered to at least 75% of indicated staff.

Partner organizations selecting Option 2 above must utilize the CNYCC-provided Roster Template (member access required) for trained staff. Training rosters must be submitted via HWapps (admin account required).

Partner Organizations not assigned PA_059 are not required to complete CNYCC’s Person-Centered Self-Management training but are invited to utilize the course as a resource, if desired.

CNYCC “Person-Centered Self-Management” Course

CNYCC partner organization employees will have access to CNYCC’s Person-Centered Self-Management course via HWapps, CNYCC’s online Learning Management System licensed from Health Workforce New York (HWNY). The course includes one 43-minute interactive video and a post-course evaluation. 

Below you will find instructions on how partner organizations and their employees can access the Conducting Warm Handoffs course through HWapps:

Partner organizations will be asked to identify a Partner Administrator that will manage the training process for their employees, unless previously identified.

The Partner Administrator will be provided access to the HWapps Partner Administrator portal and may distribute the training to individual staff members (via the link below).

Once staff members click the link to access the course, they will be asked to sign in (if they have registered for a previous CNYCC course) or register as a new user. After signing in, participants can select Person-Centered Self-Management to begin the course.

Staff members will then be required to view the entire interactive video presentation and complete the post-course evaluation.

Partner Administrators will have the ability to view and monitor the course completion status for their organizations’ employees through the HWapps Partner Administrator portal.

Please click the following link to CNYCC’s Person-Centered Self-Management Course:

Additional Completion Opportunities for Person-Centered Self-Management Course Requirements

If your organization would like to import the eLearning modules into your own Learning Management System or if your organization has limitations that will prevent employees from accessing embedded videos with audio, please contact [email protected].

For questions related to access for CNYCC’s Patient Identification and Hypertension Visit Scheduling Course, please contact [email protected].

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